Bruce Hamilton

Glasgow School of Art

Bruce was commissioned in 2003 to produce six new chairs for the Director’s Room at the Glasgow School of Art. The originals had been in daily use since 1904 and were showing the signs of wear and tear.

In 2007 Bruce was then asked to produce a replica of the Board Room Chair for approval and subsequently he received the order of twelve Board Room Chairs to replace the originals. It was decided to protect the original chairs within the Mackintosh museum. It is the first time Mackintosh furniture has been replaced at the Art School, a commission that Bruce is very proud of.

The six Director’s Room Chairs the Board Room Chairs were given an individual identification number, subsequent commissions for either of these chairs are numbered incrementally.
As part of the refurbishment of the Art School after the fire in 2014 which destroyed the Library and the west of the building, Bruce was commissioned to produce a reproduction of the original Library chair for possible reinstatement in the new library. Sadly as the restoration of the building was nearing completion it suffered a second catastrophic fire which has put the project on hold.

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