Bruce Hamilton

Mackintosh &
bespoke furniture

Handcrafted in the heart of Scotland

Designed With Passion

Bruce has spent his life passionate in the craft of furniture making. Delivered worldwide, each piece is crafted to be unique and a centrepiece for your home or business.

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Why Choose Bruce Hamilton

Bruce is renown worldwide for his many prestigious Mackintosh commissions such as: The House for an Art Lover, The Glasgow School of Art, Mackintosh at the Willow Tearooms and the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society. He as also proud to have worked with Paisley Abbey, Cannongate Kirk (Edinburgh) and The University of the West of Scotland, to provide a number of ceremonial installations.

He continues to supply high quality handmade furniture to Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Arts & Crafts enthusiasts,  grand ceremonial pieces for public buildings, sculptural furniture for public spaces and pieces for clients who have been searching for something unique or special.

Bruce also offers a bespoke service, hand crafting high quality individual pieces of furniture made to order to fit client’s requirements, and often realising long held dreams. Upholding an established, trust worthy and reliable reputation he has worked with commercial and private clients all over the world , including New York, London, throughout Europe and even as far away as Australia.

Bruce continues to build his customer base, receiving plaudits and testimonials regularly. You can view details of his work in the pages and galleries below.

Ranges & Galleries

charles rennie mackintosh

Bruce specialises in reproducing the finest quality furniture as first created by one of the world’s most inspiring designers.

bespoke furniture

Pieces that are truly one of a kind. Bruce takes your ideas and vision and makes them a reality.  The only limitation is your imagination.

Ceremonial pieces

Ceremonial furniture is another of Bruce’s specialities. All furniture is handmade to the highest standard and can be made to complement all existing features.

popular pieces

These are some of Bruce’s most popular products.  If you’d like for a custom piece for your home or business Bruce would be more than happy to explore your ideas.


One of Mackintosh’s most iconic designs. This is the tall version of his dining chairs that is also suitable as a standalone chair.


Mackintosh’s best known and first high back chair design with flying bird cut out in the headrest. Originally designed for the Argyle St Tearooms.


Along with the Argyle and Ingram chairs, this is one of the most instantly recognised high back Mackintosh chairs.
If you are interested in finding out more information about any of the pieces you have seen then please contact Bruce directly, or use the form below. Every effort is made to get back to you within 24 hours.
Whether it be panel products, veneered boards, imported or native hardwoods, each piece of timber is selected by hand for grain figure and colour. All the stages of production call on the traditional skills and techniques of the craftsman with each piece being carefully assembled and finished by hand.


“The chairs and table have arrived in perfect condition, and we are very pleased with the result; in particular, the colour/shade of the chairs and fabric perfectly match our existing furniture/floor. It sure was worth waiting! We thank you a lot. P.S. We also have appreciated the efficient design of the crate … the furniture did travel safely.”

Christian and Marie-Antoine


We’ve taken delivery this afternoon and they look great. Exactly as we imagined and better than we hoped for. Thank you and should you ever need a reference or photos we’d be happy to oblige.
You recently made me an Ingram high back chair which was for my wife’s 60th birthday. I would just like to say how pleased I am with it. Not only are we pleased with the chair, but we are both impressed with your skills as a craftsman. Once again thanks for a great job, and thanks for making her birthday so special.
First working day back in Cape Town and I already have my chairs. In two words: ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I am having to rearrange my furniture accordingly to give them all pride of place. The settle I knew and already loved. The two chairs I had only seen in pictures before – truly works of art. Deceptively simple in looks; devilishly complex in detail. Thank you so much – I can see why you were loath to let them go! I love the reddish wood too… Kind regards from a very satisfied customer. What next?!


(South Africa)

I am long overdue in writing to thank you for the beautiful CRM Ladder Back reproduction chair that you managed to get to me in time for Christmas. My husband was absolutely delighted with it. It is a work of art. I am especially grateful that he got it before he went back to Africa as I’m not sure that it would have been the same to show him a picture. It is nice to know that there are still craftsmen such as yourself amidst the world of mass production.
Well, more than a month has passed since Christmas and I realise that I haven’t dropped you a line to let you know how the ladder back was received…Dave loved it!! His face on Christmas day was a picture…he couldn’t believe that I had bought it and was rendered speechless ( a rare thing!!). He circled it slowly, looked at it from every angle and ran his hands up and down each and every part of it! It has pride of place in his home and I will never regret buying it for him. He is totally impressed with your craftsmanship, as am I. Thank you so much.
Thank you so much for bringing the chair over yesterday. I am sure it will go down well as a christening present – I cant imagine anything better!
The chairs and table have arrived in perfect condition, and we are very pleased with the result; in particular, the colour/shade of the chairs and fabric perfectly match our existing furniture/floor. It sure was worth waiting! We thank you a lot. P.S. We also have appreciated the efficient design of the crate … the furniture did travel safely.
Christian and Marie-Antoine
Hello Bruce, your work has been much admired. The switch box was a most admirable solution, beautifully made and looks like it has always been there. One would not know that the pews had been altered. I sent a pic of it to Nigel Robb, secy of CARTA ata121. He was most impressed.


(Bearsden cross church)

Hello Bruce, the chair was delivered safely yesterday and we are delighted with it. We think that the quality of your workmanship is outstanding & also appreciated the care you took in ensuring the chair was properly packed so that it arrived without any damage.