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The Ingram Range

The Ingram High Back and Medium Back chairs were originally designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh (circa 1900) for the main dining room in the Ingram Street Tea Rooms.

The tall elegant High Back Ingram chair is a very distinctive piece of furniture with the lower Medium Back being a very popular dining chair especially as a part of the Cope Dining Suite. All furniture is available in a variety of finishes, including black, white and natural.


One of Mackintosh’s most iconic designs. This is the tall version of his dining chairs that also works well as a standalone chair.

Medium Back Ingram Chair

The medium back version of the classic Mackintosh Ingram dining suite chair.


Low back version of the Mackintosh Ingram Dining suite chair.

Ingram dining Suite

Dining suite example featuring a Mackintosh Mains Street Table, as well as High and Medium Ingram chairs.


Suite featuring a Mains Street Dining table, with two Argyle Chairs and six medium back Ingram chairs.

The Franklin Dining Table

A Franklin Dining table with stained mother of pearl inlay and medium back Ingram chairs.

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