Bruce Hamilton


This image of an Argyle suite it situ in the customer’s home New York, USA, features six Argyle Chairs and a Mains Street Table(Detail of the heart shaped carvings on the side rails of the table can be seen here.)

To the right hand side of the picture you can see a Hunterian Sideboard. The Sideboard was a major undertaking which involved several visits to the Hunterian Museum to survey and make sketches of the original. From these on site sketches I went on to produce detailed scale drawings prior to starting production. The Brass hinge plates and escutcheons were handmade by fellow craftsman, and good friend Laurie Kayser.

Further information on the Hunterian Sideboard can be found here.

Chair Dimensions
Height: 1370mm
Width: 520mm
Depth: 465mm

Table Dimensions
Length: 2200mm
Width: 1000mm
Height: 750mm

Sideboard Dimensions 
Height: 1865mm
Width: 1550mm
Depth: 535mm

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