Bruce Hamilton

UWS Paisley Campus

The above image shows the graduation furniture for the UWS in position at the chancel of Paisley Abbey, set up for the graduation ceremony. In the image you can also see the choir stalls which were commissioned in 2002. Details of which can be found here.

Commissioned in 1992, this is the Chancellor’s Chair at the University of Paisley. It was required for the ceremony of the inauguration of Sir Robert Easton CBE, as Chancellor.

Features depicted in the chair include a series of hand carved ‘scrolls’ more widely associated with historic connection to the cotton industry and known world wide as the ‘Paisley Pattern’. The arm stumps on the chair represent stylised thread bobbins, again drawing on the towns association with the cotton trade.

The Mace Stand, Lectern and Side Chair were commissioned the following year, and they make up the ceremonial furniture at graduation and other official services at the University (now known as the University of the West of Scotland).
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