Bruce Hamilton


Glasgow School of Art

Glasgow School of Art Bruce was commissioned in 2003 to produce six new chairs for the Director’s Room at the Glasgow School of Art. The originals had been in daily use since 1904 and were showing the signs of wear and tear. In 2007 Bruce was then asked to produce a replica of the Board […]

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Art Lovers Dining Table

Art Lovers Dining Table Dimensions (Table – for 8)Length: 2400mmWidth: 1000mmHeight: 750mm*Can be made to fit customer needs Dimensions (Main Chairs)Height: 1650mmWidth: 580mmDepth: 540mm Dimensions (Side Chairs)Height: 1380mmWidth: 580mmDepth: 540mm The first three images show Bruce’s original Art Lovers furniture in situ, in the dining room at The House for an Art Lover. The final

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Blackie Desk Chair

Blackie Desk Chair Designed to accompany the writing desk at the Hill House, Mackintosh himself had one to use with his own replica of the Blackie desk. This Mackintosh designed  chair with simple iconic geometrical design is a popular commission as a a stand alone feature chair in a hallway or room setting.  DimensionsHeight: 1100mmWidth:

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Hous’hill Bedroom Chair

Hous’hill Bedroom Chair As part of the interiors of Miss Cranston’s home Hous’hill, Mackintosh designed this chair for the suite in the White Bedroom. Four subsequent reproductions were made for Miss Cranston’s decorator William Douglas. Two of these chairs are on display at the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow. My first Hous’hill bedroom chair was commissioned

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Baskett-Lowke Arm Chair

Baskett-Lowke Arm Chair This chair was not made in Mackintoshes  life time, but it is recorded that Mackintosh must of been proud of the design due to the care and detail put into the drawing. It is thought that it was a proposal for Bassett-Lowke’s dining suite or possibly Mackintosh might of proposed it as

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Hous’hill Dining Chair

DINING CHAIR for Windyhill It is recorded that this is the chair design that William Davidson settled for as dinning chair in ‘Windyhill’. The chair is a variant of the GSA Directors Room Chair, the sample featured is made in Mahogany. DimensionsHeight: 805mmWidth: 545mmDepth: 485mm Back to Range Request a quote

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